Kerry is a graphic designer and home educator. All her children play musical instruments and so did she in her younger years. Having done a small amount of ballet and ballroom dancing, she has always been interested in dance and music, and often looked into the benefits of music therapy.

Her mother was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2014. Through the journey of learning a new way of life with her and understanding the symptoms of Parkinsons, she often felt quite desperate with not knowing how else to help her.

One day she came across the Dance for Parkinsons SA class video. She was immediately taken by this. She listened to Julie's radio interview, went to the Dance for PD website, and watched and read as much as she could. It did not take long before she made the phone call to Julie to see how she could get involved in this amazing program.

She loves being part of this and the people she has met, each one different, each one unique, and each one inspiring. Dance for Parkinson's is an avenue where she can help Parkinson's sufferers in a creative way. It is truly a Dance for Joy.

Day Town/City Place Time
Monday Howick Eagle Ridge Estate 8:00
Monday Howick Amberglen Retirement Village
31, Karkloof Road

083 407 3148