Julie certificate

Julie is one of six people in the world to have gained this certificate!!

Julie started ballet classes at the age of 5 years old. She continued dancing throughout her school career. Ballet was her first love and led to Julie completing the 3 year Diploma in Dance at the University of Cape Town. Graduating with a first place in Teaching Methodology and Drama.

Julie then travelled overseas, experiencing Europe, the UK and Ireland before beginning her teaching career in 1997.

In 2015, she was told about Dance for PD via Audrey Beesley, one of Julie's ballet pupils Granny.

After looking into the program via the internet, Julie found herself prickled with excitement and a renewed passion for dance!

In October of 2015, she attended the Introductory Teacher's Course in New York, USA. Julie was the first South African to have completed this training. February 2016 saw the first Dance for Parkinson's class launch at the Playhouse Theatre in Somerset West.

Julie also received the Stanley Wertheimer Bursary from Dance for PD, known as the Stanley J. Wertheimer Fellowship Bursary.

In 2017, Carmen joined Julie and together they launched the company Dance for Parkinson's S.A Pty ( Ltd).

Julie returned to New York in October 2017 to spend a month completing the Advanced Training and Certification program. Certification allows Julie to now train fellow South African dance teachers in the Dance for PD program!

As of 2018, there are 8 classes taught weekly by Julie and Carmen in and around Cape Town!

Since the inception, Dance for Parkinson's S.A has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, television and radio. "I love teaching Dance for Parkinson's classes- every single class gives me goose bumps and giggle! We learn to laugh again and at the same time, give the mind, body and soul some much needed TLC!"

Julie and her family have emigrated to Scotland.

Julie is teaching Dance for Parkinson's at Scottish Ballet in Glasgow.

+44 7496 231913