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Dance For PD SA NPC ®

No.: 2018/261191/08


To provide the Parkinson's communities an uplifting and life enhancing movement program that will increase mobility, quality of life and bring a sense of validation and purpose back into their lives.

  1. The Company's objectives specifically include:
    1. the provision of Dance for Parkinson's (PD) classes and training across the Republic of South Africa
    2. promoting an awareness of PD through community based projects that empower and uplift those with PD
    3. instilling a sense of well-being, to improve quality of life and to give each PD participant the tools needed to assist in living a life of meaning, physically, cognitively and emotionally
    4. the provision of training, support or assistance to community-based PD projects
    5. training courses presented in all provinces throughout South Africa thereby increasing the number of trained Dance for Parkinsons teachers which will add value and social/PD community upliftment
    6. develop a well-structured and maintained Dance for Parkinson's SA Association
    7. the establishment of a Benevolent Fund for Parkinson (PD) suffers and their next of kin. Out of this fund, payments will be made to assist such PD suffers and their families financially in obtaining medical benefits and much needed health care
    8. organizing social functions/events/projects and receive donations thereby raising funds for the Benevolent Fund, and which will strengthen the bonds of friendship, camaraderie

    Dance for Parkinson's SA is registered as a Non-Profit Company NPC (Old Section 21 Company) as:

    1. it is incorporated for a public benefit or other object as required by Item 1(1) of the First Schedule to the Companies Act;
    2. it is and this MOI is consistent with the principles set out in Items 1(2) to 1(9) of the First Schedule to the Companies Act;
    3. it is a public benefit organisation as contemplated in Section 30 of the Income Tax Act;
    4. it is prohibited from directly or indirectly distributing any of its funds to any person (otherwise than in the course of carrying out its stated objects) and is required to solely utilise its funds for the purpose for which it has been established.
  2. Dance for Parkinson's SA will apply for section 18A(1)of the Income Tax Act, where donations to the NPC will be tax deductible in the hands of the donors in terms of and subject to the limitations prescribed in section 18A of the Act.

Directors: I A Brotherton, C (Wesson) Davidson, J J Symmonds, T L Symmonds and K J Viljoen

 Julie Symonds: 082 978 2399
 Carmen Davidson: 083 795 5610

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